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Logbaba Drilling Update – La-108 Reaches Target Depth and Encounters 84.5m of Net Pay

8 Nov 2017

Victoria Oil & Gas Plc today is pleased to provide an update on the Group's drilling operations, which are managed by Gaz du Cameroon S.A. (“GDC”), a wholly owned subsidiary of VOG.

  • Well La-108 has successfully reached target depth of 2,865m measured depth (MD)
  • Indicated 84.5m net gas sand encountered in Upper and Lower Logbaba Formations, exceeding pre-drill expectations and significantly more than La-107 net sands
  • Liner to be run and cemented to case off well to depth of 2,859m
  • Flow tests planned and La-108 expected to be a producing well by end November

Logbaba Drilling Update

On 7th November, well La-108 has been successfully drilled to its planned TD of the 6” hole section at 2,865m MD (2,463 m TVD). The 4½” liner will now be run and cemented to case off the Logbaba Formation. The production completion will then be installed after which the rig will be released from the well.

Preliminary analysis of the La-108 logs indicates that 84.5m net gas sands have been encountered in the Logbaba Formation, exceeding pre-drill expectations with significantly more net sands than La-107, which encountered 58m of net pay and subsequently flow tested at 54 mmscf/d maximum flowrate through a 70/64ths inch choke.

The production test through the Logbaba production facility is expected to commence during November. This will mark the end of drilling operations for the two well Logbaba drilling campaign that started in November 2016.

The additional reserves from La-107 and La-108 will allow GDC to conclude longer term contracts with Douala based high-usage gas customers.

Ahmet Dik, CEO, said: “La-108 has now successfully reached target depth, which is an excellent result for the company with over 84.5m of net gas sands encountered. This net pay exceeds those of the successful La-107 well, brought into production during September. La-107 has already delivered us a significant increase in available gas supply and we look forward to releasing flow test results from La-108 by the end of November. Our objective is to build scale from our gas production, to be in a position to deliver gas to high usage customers.  We estimate that there is demand for over 150 mmscf/d of gas in the Douala Basin and GDC is presently the sole provider to the region.”