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Bassa Power Station Online, Cameroon

23 Mar 2015


  • 20MW of gas generated power now being supplied to grid from Bassa Power Station
  • Total GDC  gas production now approximately 8.5mmscf/d
  • 30MW Logbaba Power Station now expected online in April

Victoria Oil & Gas Plc announces that its 100% owned subsidiary, Gaz du Cameroun S.A. ("GDC"), is now supplying approximately 4.5mmscf/d of gas to the sixteen Altaaqa Gensets installed at Bassa Power Station. Following the pipeline connection to Bassa by GDC and the successful installation of the Gensets by Altaaqa, 20MW of power generated is now being fed into the grid. Total GDC gas production has risen from 4.5mmsc/d to approximately 8.5mmscf/d.

With the Bassa power supply online, Altaaqa will now focus on completion of Genset installation at the 30MW Logbaba Power Station. The original schedule of having all 50MW online by the end of March 2015 is now expected in April 2015 due to shipping delays.

Kevin Foo, Executive Chairman, said: “4.5mmscf/d of gas from Logbaba to supply 20MW of power from Bassa to the National Grid is a proud achievement for GDC and an important step forward for Cameroon. Our partners Altaaqa and ENEO deserve hearty congratulations. All companies are now focussed on delivering the 30MW from the Logbaba Station.”  

Joel Nana Kontchou, CEO ENEO Cameroon, said: “The project addresses a shortage in the country‘s electricity supply due to a strong increase of demand combined with a lack of a reserve for the electric system; it will help to cover the demand of electricity and that’s our way of feeling the pain of Cameroonians. We are pleased to work with GDC and Altaaqa, companies that share our deep commitment to responding to Cameroon’s critical infrastructure needs.”

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