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Our Operations

The production and sale of natural gas from Logbaba commenced in July 2012, one of the most significant achievements in the history of Cameroon’s energy sector.

Business Fundamentals of Logbaba

  • Only onshore gas producer in Cameroon
  • Neither supply nor demand constrained
  • Offer customers a cheaper and cleaner alternative to current supply
  • Strong Government support of our project
  • Opportunity to help resolve in-country power issues
  • Revenue generating business and now operationally cash positive 
  • Our business model can be applied to other African opportunities

Key Statistics


Operations map


Logbaba postcard from 1905
March 1905

First oil samples from Logbaba

One of our shareholders provided a unique postcard from Logbaba dated 9 March 1905.  This postcard was sent by Dr. Monke, the geologist in charge, to Mr. Kurt Schmeisser, who was director of the State Geological Institute and Prussian Mining Academy, where they analysed the first oil samples from Logbaba. The caption of the photo reads “Greetings from the first oil-well in Cameroon” and Dr Monke adds, “That will hopefully soon become a gushing one! Logbaba near Douala 9.III.[19]05.” In addition the postcard also bears the signature of Dr. Esser, who was founder and director of Kamerun Bergwerks-Aktiengesellschaft, the drilling company. 

Arial view of Logbaba
December 2008

VOG enters Cameroon

VOG enters Cameroon in December and becomes operator of Logbaba.

September 2009

First well La-105 spud

In September, VOG spuds the first well, La-105, the first onshore well in Cameroon since the 1950s.

Two-well drilling completed
March 2010

Two-well drilling programme completed

The two-well drilling programme was completed successfully; well La-105 tested at 55mmscf/d and La-106 tested at rates up to 22mmscf/d.

Visit by President Biya
April 2011

Exploitation Licence signed by President Biya

The President of the Republic of Cameroon, S.E. President Biya, signs the Exploitation Licence on 29 April

First delivery of gas
December 2011

First delivery of Gas

First delivery of Gas in December

Continuous gas and condensate production
July 2012

Continuous gas and condensate production

Commencement of continuous gas and condensate production operations in July

Image of His Excellency Paul Biya, the President of the Republic of Cameroon visiting the Logbaba Project for its official inauguration
November 2013

Presidential Inauguration of the Logbaba Project

His Excellency Paul Biya, the President of the Republic of Cameroon visited the Logbaba Project for its official inauguration.

Continued gas production
December 2013

Continued gas production & pipeline installation

Continued gas production and pipeline installation. Progression into power generation for industrial customers.

First Power Gensets Commissioned
June 2014

First Power Gensets Commissioned

The company announced the first Genset's being commissioned marking the first power consumption from the Logbaba Gas Project.

Wouri River
October 2014

Wouri River Crossing Completed

Negotiations with Cameroon
state utility joint venture,ENEO, underway for gas
supply to power stations ENEO

Connecting industrial customers with significant gas usage

First Gensets installed and connected at customer sites

Wouri River crossing completed


December 2014

Signed term sheet with ENEO

GDC signed a legally binding term sheet with ENEO Cameroon S.A ("ENEO"), Cameroon's integrated utility Company, to supply gas to two Douala power stations with guaranteed minimum take or pay gas consumption at a fixed US$9/mmbtu over the 2 year contract term. The minimum take or pay levels are 9mmscf/d in the January-June dry season and 3mmscf/d in the July-December wet season.

ENEO commissioning
April 2015

ENEO two Power Stations Online

Completion of the phased commissioning of the supply of gas to ENEO's power stations, Bassa and Logbaba.

Within four months of the agreement being signed GDC supplys gas to the 20MW Bassa and 30MW Logbaba power stations trigerring the take-or-pay terms within the contract.

Logbaba Processing Plant
May 2015

Gas Plant Purchase

GDC pruchased the previously leased Gas Processing Plant from Expro for US$2.578m from cashflow.

This was a significant milestone to enable GDC start evaluating options for expansion of the plant.

Matanda Block
February 2016

VOG secures 75% interest in Matanda Block

VOG secures 1,235 square kilometre Matanda Block adjacent to current Logbaba Licence.

The North Matanda Field has estimated P50 'gas-in-place' volumes of 1.8Tcf and 'condensate-in-place' of 136Mmbbl. 

Logbaba Processing Plant
April 2016

US$26m debt facility secured

GDC secures a US$26m debt facility with BGFIBank to help build the business in Cameroon without recourse to the equity markets.

November 2016

Logbaba Development Wells Spudded

GDC announces the spudding of development wells La-107 and La-108 at the Logbaba gas field.