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Douala – Our Market

Gaz du Cameroun has completed two gas supply wells within the city of Douala and operates a wellhead-to-customer connection gas business. Douala is a major port city serving Central Africa and, in addition to being an import hub, is host to a range of major industrial complexes serving Cameroon and surrounding countries. 35km of pipeline has been laid, as at the end of April 2016, within the urban areas of Douala. The Wouri River has been crossed and will provide gas to another of the city’s key industrial zones located on the Bonaberi shore. GDC currently provides thermal gas, condensate and gas for grid powered small-scale electricity generation to customers. 

Customers in Douala

Our gas operations supply customers across a range of diverse industries. Douala is a major production hub for goods supplying both Cameroon and the surrounding region.