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Case Studies

PROMETAL – Thermal Gas Supply

PROMETAL is a foundry located at the Bassa-Douala industrial zone on the southern side of the Wouri river. PROMETAL collects and melts scrap metal to create reconstituted steel bars. The process involves heating steel bars and stretching them into steel reinforcement bars, square irons, welded lattices, and welded threads of steel. PROMETAL was connected to natural gas in November 2012 and is planning an extension at a new site that will also utilise GDC gas.


Heating Furnace with 10 HFO burners
HFO Consumption 7100 liters/day
Cost Savings 33.4%


  • Analysis of gas consumption and costs comparison with in-situ fuel source
  • Full assessment of Heavy Fuel Oil operations and potential for connection points
  • Design of steel pipe route to determine the total length of steel pipe or HDPE* (plastic) pipe (by Designer, Project Coordinator and the customer)
  • Sizing of the steel pipe
  • Sending of the design to the customer for validation
  • Sending of the design to procurement for sourcing of contractors
  • Procurement of material needed for installation
  • Procurement of testing and validation (by local consultants such as Bureau Veritas, HYDRAC and SGS)
  • Installation of gas supply line (service and customer lines)
  • Replacement of fuel burners by bi-fuel burners
  • NDT* (radio) testing (by Bureau Veritas) to evaluate strength and tightness (by GDC)
  • Commissioning of the PRMS (by Emmanuel AYUK)
  • Commissioning of the burners (by GDC if bought by us, if not by the customer)
  • Gas awareness to customer’s team by GDC’s QHSE*
  • Commissioning and Start up


The start up which is normally scheduled for a couple of hours, took 3 days in PROMETAL’s case due to the pressure drop which caused the volume of gas not to entertain the flame for long. The problem was solved by the team troubleshooting with a manometer or pressure gages in order to help localise the pressure drop zone.


Prometal Process Diagram