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Case Studies

SABC KOUMASSI – Thermal Gas Supply

A subsidiary of the Castel group, Société Anonyme des Brasseries du Cameroun (SABC) is a leading food processing group in Cameroon. Founded in 1948 within Douala, SABC now has a series of operations across the City. Both SABC KOUMASSI, a bottle production plant, and SABC NDOKOTI, a bottle wash plant, are connected to natural gas supplied by GDC. SABC’s activity during 2012 is summarized as follows:

Beer: 497 million litres sold representing an increase of 4.5% compared to 2011 and 82.2% market share.

Soft Drinks: 205 million litres sold representing a 1.1% growth compared to 2011.

Natural mineral water: 70 million litres sold; Source Tangui the company’s brand has recorded a decrease of 15.7 % compared to 2011.

Alcomix: In 2012, sales of alcomix, grew by 19.2% to 11 million litres.

SABC net sales without taxes increased by 5.6% to 321.4 billion CFA francs. Net income was 36.3 billion CFA francs.

 GDC is also currently discussing a tri-generation (heat, power and cooling) solution with SABC for further work at the plant. 


02 boilers (HFO) 02 dual burners
HFO Consumption 14500 liters/day
Cost Savings 33.3%


  • Working with SABC to evaluate cost savings from conversion to gas and create a detailed engineering plan to carry out the changes.
  • Location survey of key boiler operations at customer’s plant
  • Design of steel pipe route to determine the total length of steel pipe or HDPE (plastic) pipe
  • Sizing of the steel pipe
  • Sending of the design to the customer for validation
  • Sending of the design to procurement for sourcing of contractors
  • Procurement of material needed for installation
  • Procurement of testing and validation
  • Installation of gas supply line (service and customer lines)
  • Testing to evaluate strength and tightness of connection
  • Commissioning of the PRMS
  • Commissioning of the burners
  • Gas awareness to customer’s team by GDC’s QHSE*
  • Commissioning and Start up


SABC Process Diagram