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Gaz du Cameroun

Building Energy Sales Within a Thriving African Economy

VOG has created a gas utility business, GDC, 57% owner and operator of the Logbaba gas project, that manages all gas supply stages from extraction to customer connection. The project has onshore gas reservoirs in Cameroon to provide the industrial region of Douala with cost effective, clean and reliable energy solutions. The Company is focused going forward on a “pure gas” sale model, delivering a consistent cleaner fuel source to a diverse range of markets and applications. GDC has successfully proved first concept of gas conversion to power and is now working with equipment suppliers and potential joint venture partners to provide energy solutions.

Current Products

GDC maximises its gas production through sales across a range of varied uses. With a significant central pipeline network established in Douala, GDC’s engineering team helps design and install necessary conversion systems or power connections for new gas users. Douala city in Cameroon is currently in a period of economic expansion. GDC supports regional economic expansion by ensuring consistent gas supply for thermal and power uses.

The Grid
Grid Power
Supply of gas to state power operator ENEO’s power stations for the generation of 50MW of electricity to the national grid. Modular generation sets supplied and run through equipment partners Altaaqa Alternative Solutions Projects DWC-LLC (“Altaaqa”). A “pure gas” supply solution within the main Douala network. ENEO have advised GDC of their need to supply 50-80MW of additional power to the Douala grid for each of the next five years.

In addition to ENEO, other grid power suppliers have plans to convert existing power stations to gas from GDC if the supply is available. Consequently GDC completed a 2 well drilling programme in 2017 and has expansion plans for the existing gas processing plant and evaluating limits to pipeline capacity. 
GDC supplies gas to customers for thermal use in boilers, process plants and furnaces. The core customers are those in medium to heavy industry.
Gas Condensate
Gas condensate
Gas condensate, a by-product of the production of natural gas, is used as a cleaner and solvent, lantern and stove fuel and as a premium product in heavy oil production. Condensate can be taken by road tanker to various parts of the country. 
Retail Power
Gas supplied to dedicated 1.5MW gas-fired electricity generators (“Gensets”) for customers’ factories and plants became a key part in demonstrating the ability of GDC to drive power using gas. This current business is moving to a “pure gas” supply.

Potential Future Products

Following a period of significant sales expansion we have realigned our focus on reserves and production expansion. New seismic programmes are being undertaken, with a twin-well campaign to increasing reserves have been carried out. GDC is well advanced in plans to adapt the plant to enable it to expand from its current 20-25mmscf/d capacity.

Compressed Natural Gas (“CNG”)
GDC is in discussions for the provision of a CNG solution.  The potential benefits of CNG are:
  • Widens our customer radius enabling operations up to 300km from Douala to be provided with our gas;
  • High margin business for “pure gas” supply model;
  • No capacity pressure on pipeline;
  • CNG production can also occur during off-peak periods to help maintain balanced gas production; and
  • Minimal GDC capital requirement.
LPG Icon
Liquid Petroleum Gas (“LPG”)
Market research and technical studies are being undertaken to establish whether there is a commercial opportunity for GDC to expand into this market.