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Corporate Social Responsibility

Victoria is subject to best practice standards and extensive regulations, which govern environmental protection. The Company is committed to uphold these standards and regulations as a minimum and to keep these important matters under continuous review. The Company works towards positive and constructive relationships with government, neighbours and the public, ensuring fair treatment of those affected by the Company’s operations. The Company aims to minimise the use of natural resources, such as energy and water and to provide employees with a healthy and safe working environment.

We are actively involved in local cultures and surroundings wherever Victoria can make a positive impact and effect enduring change.

Our goals are :

  • To make a positive contribution to local communities
  • To respect different cultures and the rights of individuals
  • To promote and maintain honesty, integrity & high ethical standards

Victoria personnel must be committed to achieving these goals.

  • Managers are responsible and accountable for upholding our Social Responsibility Policy
  • All Victoria and contractor personnel must consider Social Responsibility in all their activities and intervene when these goals are compromised.

To ensure compliance with our Social Responsibility Policy we must :

  • Comply with the laws of the host country
  • Ensure that all staff and contractors are aware of Victoria's commitment to Social Responsibility
  • Maintain high ethical standards throughout all interactions with local communities
  • Communicate Victoria’s activities with the local communities taking into account local customs
  • Identify, in partnership with local communities, social projects where Victoria can make a positive contribution